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About Us

1st of all, we want to say Thanks for going to right here & loading on About Us web page of SW . SW means software planet a spot exactly where you get free of charge application newest edition . Here we will be sharing some details about us. 

The Author

Hi readers! I am Md. King Abdullah Al Mamun the 'Software Engineer'  and Author of this software weblog. I’m from, Rangpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh and I’m an Engineering student of Computer Technologies in BTEB (Bangladesh Technical Education Board). Now I’m attempting to get complete BSC in Computer science & Technologies. I am a portion time Blogger, internet & computer graphic designer. I am trying to find out net programming. I’m understanding it day by day.  I started blogging in 2011 in Bengali language. At January 2012 I decided to create in English for Worldwide individuals. I have started this blog in February 2013 (I overlook the precise date. Sorry!). I created lots of web website. Most of them are static and hosted in Google app engine. Computer software is most crucial of the computer. You never neglect windows is a application not hardware.

About Application Planet

Software program World  was created final February 2013 (I neglect the exact date. Sorry!). As a subdomain named softwareworld-it.blogspot.com I in fact choose to have Softwareworld-it.blogspot.com, but unfortunately it is not available in BlogSpot. Quickly I will comprehend the significance of getting a registered domain. Computer software Planet finally free and very first download. You can download many software with out addfly or survey. Those computer software are associated internet design, antivirus, multimedia soft, abobe or graphics design and style soft, improvement soft, security soft and so forth.

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Ahead of you will finish reading this web page, I would like to say thank my loved ones who supported me financially and emotionally, thank you. To all my close friends for the happiness and concepts we've been tackled each reunion. And to all my readers, thank you so significantly. Without you, this website is absolutely nothing. You are like water and sunlight who keeps the plant alive. Could be I have wasted your beneficial time, Sorry! Thanks for reading & interest with our web site. You are invited to check out my blog again…This Internet site is everyday update.

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