Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Bangla writing application transportable edition


Transportable Avro Keyboard and Spell Checker!

Use your favorite Bangla computer software on the go!
  • No Installation Necessary
  • No Bangla Fonts Necessary
    has built in Automatic Virtual Font Installer
  • No Administrator Privilege Required
  • All your settings/personalizations remain intact
  • Has all other attributes of Standard Edition

Spell verify never mess things up:

As Avro Keyboard supports Input Language/Input Locale altering for Bangla (India), Bangla (Bangladesh) and Assamese, the editors (Like MS Word) you use to type Bangla can detect which is Bangla text and which is not. Now MS Word by no means try to verify spell of your Bangla text employing the default English dictionary!


Auto correction in MS Word:


You can safely turn on the auto correction feature in MS Word when typing Bangla with Avro keyboard. Your texts will never ever be changed to any alien characters. Now MS Word knows that you are typing Bangla!

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