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Cost-free Download Ice Cream Mania Computer Game Full Version

When ice cream cafe magnate Henry Rich died, his final will and testament stipulated that his vast fortune required to be divided in between two groups. On the a single hand there was his daughter Cindy and on the other hand was his greedy second wife, the Baroness Gugel and her selfish daughter Jeanne. The will stated that in order to be eligible to receive the inheritance both daughters require to full a single process, to start off their personal businesses. The daughter who builds the most profitable enterprise over the course of a year will inherit Henry Rich's whole fortune. Help Cindy to win this competitors and become the world's next ice cream magnate in this unusual time management game.
As you can see, the Ice Cream Mania begins with a promising premise, but the developers do not run with it. In truth, you do not hear about the other sister although you are playing the game, therefore, you lose your motivation to maintain going. It would have wonderful if added cutscene story showed your mean sister's progress to assist give you far more incentive to win this competition.
In the gameplay division although, Ice Cream Mania, while predictable, is exciting. Not unlike Cake Mania style restaurant games, in this game you are in charge of an ice cream shop and must serve ice cream to suit your customer's taste. Buyers will belly up to the counter and a visual representation of what they want can be observed about their head. 
The game's graphics are extremely great and desirable as you perform your way through fifty levels spread out over 5 areas. On the beach levels you will see each day and evening scenes, boats sailing on the water and folks on the beach. Relaxing sound effects add to the enjoyable. Players will also earn keepsakes from clients, kept in a box, which provides decent incentive to hold going given that you want to see what you will get subsequent.

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