Rabu, 30 Oktober 2013

Trouserheart v1..3 [Apk+Obb] Android

Trouserheart Android Unsheathe your sword and journey by way of realm filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. Defeat monster mobs, slay bosses, hoard treasure, and upgrade your sword, shield and armor. Adhere to the trousers to the world's finish and claim what is rightfully yours!

Trouserheart is all about fun, quickly accessible, choose up and play hack’n’slash gameplay with playful art style and humorous tone. Super fluid controls with choices for each fixed and floating modes make the game a joy to play for newbies and veteran gamers alike. The game gives two difficulty levels and even an optional perma-death mode for the bravest of adventurers!


  • Meet peculiar enemies
  • Hoard treasures
  • Upgrade your sword, shield, and armor
  • Defeat 10 special bosses
  • Gain far more than dozen achievements
  • Explore fascinating environments
  • Select amongst two difficulty levels plus the perma death mode
More Info

  • Trouserheart v1..three [Apk+Obb] Android - (120MB)

1. Download
two. Ekstrak rar
three. Install APK
4. Put data (Obb) on Sdcard/android/obb/right here
5. Get pleasure from

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