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Totally free Download Operation Air Assault two Computer Game Complete Version

Operation Air Assault 2 is the ideal helicopter flying simulation game. It is created by InterActive Vision Games and published by Nobilis. Operation Air Assault two, the threat from an international terrorism has never ever been that much higher. Take the war to the terrorists in the Operation Air Assault two. A radical miltia group intent on bringing the globe to its knees has started a series of brave and destructive attacks on essential military installation. Your mission is to neutralize this threat. To help you the Air Force has handed more than the keys to the most technologically sophisticated helicopters in their Army. Take to the skies in these hugely impressive hulks of armor plated steel, kitted out with an arsenal of devastating weapons like missiles and blind fire rockets. Obliterate ground units and unleash destruction on the unsuspecting enemy. Use the heavy rescue helicopter to aid the protected pick up of friendly units and take on enemy tanks, gunboats and ground troops across 20 expansive missions in beautiful 3D splendor. Seek out and destroy the enemy in this compelling sequel to the most acclaimed Operation Air Assault.
Twenty captivating missions to put players at the heart of a selection of war zones and landscapes completely modelled helicopters with several view position give players a realistic gameplay of modern day war zones weapons like missiles, rockets and cannons. Operation Air Assault 2 is an action packed helicopter simulation game that seats you in a high tech, state of the art, close variety attack helicopters, with all heavy artillery and indicates to multilate that 1 could ever wish for. Buckle up and embark on higher threat missions in the heart of Siberia or the Pacific Islands, as you engage yourself in the war against terrorism, a war that takes no prisoners and knows no end. Operation Air Assault 2 is the sequel of the effective Operation Air Assault and sets out to bring you the twice the action and three occasions the entertaining with combining all the new functions.

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