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Get good ip-address widget for your blogger (program tools)

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Right here is a distinctive collection of  IP address widgets which shows your visitors their Ip address,operating program,nation,browser and the version of the browser.It is cool factor to display  ip address to your visitor's specially if you have TECH related weblog.

Now you can get these any of these widgets and add these to your blogs by following these measures -

Get Ip Address Widget for your weblog

1 .Pick any widget they are in different size and shapes,decide on any according to your blog requirement.

two. Login to blogger dashboard ,and the click on Layout - > page Components .

three. ADD a new HTML/Javascript gadget anyplace in your blog.

four. Copy any code from under(all are functioning) and paste in to HTML / Javascript gadget and then save your gadget.

5 Accomplished,Your widget is Now live

1 .Square Ip Address Widget (Height=125px, Width=125px)

IP widget  

 2.Country Flag Widget(Height=125, Width=125px)
What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image 

3. Ip and Country Widget

What's my ip address, create your own visitors IP image


four. Broader Ip Address widget


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